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  • Improve Your Searches
How To Improve Your Searches For Cars, Trucks And Vans:

The "Bargain Finder" classified ad search tool will make shopping for the right used car, truck or van a very quick and easy experience. When you choose 'American Cars', 'Foreign Cars', or 'Trucks' from the category page, you will be sent to the Bargain Search page. Here is where you can decide on how broad or narrow you want your search to be. You can search all of the ads in the category by simply selecting the manufacturer and then clicking 'search', the Bargain Finder will then pull all of that particular column and quickly deliver them to you. You simply scroll through those ads and browse.

If you want to narrow down the number of ads you see so that you can find a more specific vehicle or list of vehicles, the Bargain Finder will be a great help. Use the Bargain Finder to search only from a specific geographical area by choosing the zip code and radius you want to see ads from. If it is a specific model you are interested simply type in what you are looking for in the 'model' box. You can narrow your ads to fit your budget requirements by typing in the minimum and maximum amount of money you are looking to spend. You can even narrow down your search to a specific model year or two by entering the oldest and newest year you would consider. When you use some or all of these Bargain Search functions, you will only see the classified ads that are important to you. To keep our site lightening fast we deliver 25 ads at time as our default, to see all of your result ads on one page click on the " View All Listings " button on the top of the result pages.

If you were too specific and no ads match all of your requests, the Bargain Finder will send you a message that there are no ads available to view. When this happens, simply go back to the Bargain Search page and change your requirements, add a few more dollars, or increase the number of years, or look at 'all' area codes. In some instances your search may be too broad and too many ads may have been found in the category. When this happens you will get a message that too many ads were found and you must narrow your search a little.

How To Improve Your Searches For Items:

The Bargain Search works equally as well with categories other than vehicles. The search page for these other categories simply ask you to enter a keyword of what you are looking for in a particular column. If no word is entered and you simply click 'search', the Bargain Finder will deliver to you all of the ads in the category. If too many ads were found, a message asking you to limit your search will appear.

Limit your search by typing in what you are looking for in the column. For example in the 'Boat' column you may enter in a manufacturer's name, or a specific type of boat, or even the length of the boat you are looking for. In the parts column you may enter 'chevy' to see all of the parts for chevys, or 'seat' for all ads with seats in them. Choosing the right keyword will help you find exactly what you are looking for quickly and easily. If your search came back with too few choices, try several different keywords or just click 'search' to view the entire column.

How To Use Your Personal Notepad:

An electronic form of notepad has been provide to you so you can keep track of classified ads you are interested in. You can access your notepad from two different places. From 'Member Services' and from the classifed ad listings.
Here is how it works.
You have performed a search for something you are interested in. For example,

You want to keep these ads so you place a check mark next to them as shown. Next you click the Save To Notepad button, and the ads checked off will be saved and you will see all the ads in your notepad. These ads will remain available to you for 21 days and then they will be automatically deleted.

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